Will Online Magazines Replace Printed Magazines?

In today’s high technology society, online magazines are more popular than ever. They provide lots of benefits that consumers and individuals are turning to more consistently. So is there still a place for printed magazines in the world, and will they be able to survive? It’s a complicated question, and there is certainly plenty to consider. Ultimately though, there will always be a place for printed magazines, and they will never be replaced completely.

To begin with, online magazines are extremely advantageous in a variety of different ways. For one thing, you can access the information at anytime, from any place. All you need is an Internet connection and today that means you can Blogging and writing community check out an article on your phone, at your home, in the office or anywhere else.

Another advantage to online magazines is that for most of them you don’t have to pay anything. Many do charge fees for monthly access to get all of the material, but many don’t have any fees at all. Therefore, cost conscious consumers are turning to free sources of information and entertainment, and online magazines are the beneficiary.

Still, even with those advantages, online magazines will never be able to completely overtake printed magazines. The truth is that printed magazines are even more convenient than their online versions. That’s because you don’t need a computer, a phone or Internet access. All you need is the magazine itself, which means you can literally take it anywhere and be able to make use of it.

Additionally, there’s something to be said for opening a glossy magazine, reading the articles, enjoying the layout and flipping through the pages one by one. It’s about more than just that articles and pictures themselves. It’s about the experience of reading a magazine and enjoying everything that comes in that package. It’s also about holding something tangible in your hands that you feel like you can really dig into and become involved with. It’s certainly different from just staring at a computer for an hour or two.

For some people it signals relaxation, and for other people it signals intellectual curiosity or entertainment. Regardless of what it means for different people, picking up a new magazine at a newsstand or grabbing one right out of your mailbox is a joyful experience that can’t be replaced by logging on to your computer.

Currently, even as the quality of online magazines is vastly improving, the quality in printed magazines still reigns supreme. Bigger budgets, more resources and more access means better stories, better pictures and more of everything that you enjoy. Therefore not only are printed magazines more convenient and more enjoyable in many ways, they are also putting out a product with more quality.

Maybe one day online magazines will completely catch up to printed magazines, but that time hasn’t come yet. The truth is that there are many advantages and benefits to printed magazines, and they are sure to be sticking around for the foreseeable future. So even as online magazines continue their quick expansion, they still have a long ways to go, and from many perspectives, will never be the equal of their printed counterparts.

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