What Hunter Controllers Can Do For You

Hunter controllers are irrigation devices that can automatically operate irrigation systems, whether they are garden sprinklers or even full drip irrigation systems. Though there are many types of interior and exterior controllers to choose from, Hunter controllers have always had a reputation for high quality and durability. Hunter controllers can set the frequency of irrigation including the start time https://reelammunition.com/product/subsonic-300-blackout/ of watering and the duration of watering. One of the best features of these controllers is that they can program discriminate watering for different types of plants; to respond to the risk of freezing or excess rain; and even program water supply according to moisture sensors.

Hunter has over fourteen types of controllers that have many different capabilities. Some of the best Hunter controllers include the SRC Plus, which gives you dial programming, four start times, a 365-day calendar and a rain sensor bypass circuit for automatic protection. The Wireless Valve System provides battery life long enough for a full season and with minimal maintenance, since the programmer can work over 100 feet away, and installed components are safely underground.

Other popular Hunter controllers include models like the EC, XC, Pro-C, ICC, ACC, SVC and ET. The ET system is particularly interesting as it allows you to completely remove “guesswork” and instead use a state-of-the-art weather station to track your local microclimate. After this measuring, the system automatically calculates a scientific irrigation program based on the soil condition and the needs of your plants. This type of system is said to have reduced the water bills of many customers by at least 30%, as it can always detects when there’s excess water.

Control systems can take a load of anxiety off your mind, since they are programmed to manage irrigation systems and plant watering. With control systems you no longer have to worry about over-watering plants or forgetting to water your garden. Thanks to automatic features you could even leave town and count on Hunter controllers to take care of all your botanical life. If you are interested in Hunter controllers visit the company website or visit an online retailer. Hunter has established a solid reputation for its name and its line of quality landscaping products since 1981.


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