Top 5 Reasons to choose Raised Panel Shutters in your home

The perfect blend of protection and appearance, shutters are a great addition to your home. Nowadays shutters are rarely used for functional purposes. People hardly ever use shutters to keep thieves from increasing or as a sound insulator.

Ideal as decorative element, shutters add a sophisticated yet stylish look at the same time. The material of the shutter can be anything between wood, plastic, aluminum or grp composite. Style matters the most when it comes to shutters. The right style shutter can add sparkle and warmth to any home. A perfect alternative to shades, there is no Best Buy Shutters hassle of cleaning and maintaining shutters frequently like shades and curtains. There are number of options when it comes to style of shutters. Louvered, Flat panel, Board and Batten, Raised panel and Bahama shutters are some of the common methods of shutter.

An increasing panel type of shutter usually comes in a solid phase with a centrally raised funnel. If you are struggling to fix up your home in a unique way, then raised panel is the perfect option for you. The sophisticated wooden look of this kind of shutters is sure to add a sprint of class to your home.

The reasons that you intend to need to raised panel as shutter style for your homes are as follows-


Raised Panel shutters are recognized for its versatility. Irrespective of the type of buildings of your house, these kinds of shutters fit in perfectly. Be it Mediterranean and beyond, contemporary or Victorian form of buildings, raised panel is good for your home. You don’t have to worry about the fact that whether the shutter style would match with your home buildings. This kind of shutters won’t collide with the design of your property and will add the right accent to your home.

Easy to install and look after:

Raised panel is easy to install and also maintain at the same time. When this kind of shutters is with the right material, it requires no maintenance cost. It is the most suitable style to stand the test of time and free from installation complications. It requires minimal amount of effort to maintain the shutters and even after years it looks brand new. Following a regular interval of time, you can get rid of the dust with a piece of cloth. So you are free from the additional cost of shutter maintenance for this kind of shutters.


Raised Panel shutters are great to customize with. It can easily be customized to match the required shape, size and color of windows. You can mix and match with any kind of material depending on your needs. Also the size and style of windows is never significant for this shutters. Be it interior or exterior, it looks great with any size and style of windows.


Raised panel type of shutters is durable in nature. These kinds of shutters have no need for replacement in many years. A renowned supplier can always help you to get the right material that can be integrated with this form of shutter. The right material combined with this style can save those extra bucks for replacement or repair. If you are looking for a method of shutters that is durable enough to last years, this is the right one for you.

Energy efficient option:

Though used only for decorative purposes these days, raised panel type of shutters is an ideal energy efficient option to your dwelling. It lessens energy bills to a great extent and thus prevents the entry of hot or cold air say in the rooms. So if you would like for a comfortable internal environment for your home, this can be the right option for you. Keeping sunlight from increasing, this kind of shutters will maintain a pleasant temperature inside.

There are people who seek a normal colonial design for their homes. The wooden or plastic finishes of raised panel kind of shutters represent an old-world style classic touch. It adds a classic traditional touch to your homes with the perfect blend of complexity. If you are looking for an elegant classy touch to your homes, raised panel type of shutters is your ideal option.

Jeff Gerber is a General Manager in Decorative Shutters. He loves to share one stop solution for the needs related to raised panel shutters. The team of experts here are well deft in the work of choosing the appropriate shutters for your needs and come up with the best one. From installation to maintenance, the team can guide you at every step to get the best shutters for your home.

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