The first specific function a water filter can offer is a sediment. The purpose of a sediment is to remove the largest pollutants found in water. These filters are typically made with a high density substance which ensures it is strong enough to remove large pollutants without risking damage to the filter. The primary purpose of this is to protect other filters which screen micro particulates and are often not as durable as the sediment filter.

The next type of water filter is an active carbon. This is designed to absorb organic materials in the water as well as numerous heavy metals. It accomplishes this by utilizing active carbon. This not only improves the taste and look of water but also offers a deodorizing ability.

One of the most popular functions of a water filter is the ability brita filter leaking to soften water. A softener is particularly useful in homes because it can improve skin health. Numerous skin problems are caused due to a lack of moisturizing caused by hard water. It also helps remove spots left behind on dishes and clothing.

Another popular type of water filter is the vitamin C filter. It helps remove chlorine which is contained in tap water which provides a sterilization benefit. By using natural vitamin C instead of a chemical, the filter will last longer and decrease the cost of ownership. Another option which achieves the same result is a lemon. The only difference is it adds the fragrance of lemon to the water as well.

Along with removing chlorine in hard water, a lime removing is often used in homes as well. The purpose of this type of filter is to stabilize hard water and prevent the formation of scale. It achieves this by turning hard matter into softer material through the physical absorption of active carbon.