The Christmas season is a gift for giving. And if there are any experts in gift-picking, it’s the loyal shoppers of the world: women. But then again, getting your man the perfect gift this season might be an equally daunting task. A shirt? He expects it already. A video game? And have him pour his entire attention to it all week? No way. Well, if you’re one to take a gift-giving leap, you might want to try the fashion path and get your man a ring. And why not? History has borne witness that men have been avid fans of jewelry as it signified their social or political status. Luckily, we have a list of the Top 10 Rings to make your search for men’s jewelry gifts this Christmas 2008 a whole lot easier. Read on to find out.

1. 14K Gold Plated Titanium Ring – This ring gives your man a classy and sophisticated look, without the usual ostentatious quality and most especially, without the strain on your budget. Priced so affordably below a hundred dollars, you can give your man style, without necessarily sacrificing his comfort. Simple and lightweight, this completes a well-styled and polished look. And it, too, can make your man feel like a million dollars.

2. Black Carbon Fiber Titanium Ring – From Chisel comes this sleek black carbon fiber titanium ring. It is cosmopolitan and modern and can go very well with the urbane look. This is one ring that Agent 007 would wear, for sure.

3. Titanium Black Cable Barrel Ring – Futuristic and posh wedding Rings for men ; these are the looks achieved by this latest design from Titanium Kay. If the Black cable lining in the center is not enough to get him some second glances, the interesting accent of the titanium barrels strategically inserted in between ought to. Its design is fresh, powerful, enigmatic, and perfect for the hands of success.

4. 8mm Black Titanium Wedding Band – About to tie the knot? Your man might want this piece wrapped around his ring finger for good. Made from Titanium, this piece ensures that your man will still achieve comfort and style. The black sheen gives off an aura of class and power, perfect for a man of good taste.

5. Celtic Tungsten Carbide Ring – Torn between the sleekness of minimalist designs and the uniqueness of complex designs? You need not worry anymore. This piece from Chisel brings the perfect union of simplicity art. This one maintains the smooth lines of the tungsten carbide layout but also manages to balance this out with Celtic knot designs. This ring comes in sizes seven to thirteen.

6. 8mm Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band – Simple, clean lines are the main features of this tungsten carbide wedding band. The 14K gold stripe drawn at the center is crisp and stylish at the same time. The overall look is an accessory that can blend well from suits to the basic shirt and jeans.

7. Cubic Zirconia Ring – Add some twinkle to his hands. This simple but glamorous piece is made of .935 Sterling Silver band. It is further amped up by the inlay of sparkling Zirconia gems.

8. Tungsten Carbide Diamond Ring – From West Coast Jewelry comes this elegant and impressive piece. It is contemporary in its use of tungsten carbide, which is likewise 100% cobalt-free. A comfort fit shank makes it possible for your man to wear this ring in comfort. Durability and stability is the game for this piece. And style is never far behind with the tiny diamonds embedded in the middle section of the band.

9. 316L Stainless Steel Black Ring – Made from the Surgical Stainless Steel of the highest quality, you are sure that this ring will not fade in color, leave stains on your skin, and would certainly not be high maintenance. This version is coated with a black sheen. There is likewise an added edge reminiscent of rock and roll with the impressive tribal patterns drawn on the most part of the band.