Mace spray in various styles and shapes

Mace was originally invented by Lake Erie in 1962. He called it chemical mace. But today it is popular with the name of Mace spray. Mace is generally a tear gas which contains volatile solvents. But now a days capsicum oleoresin is also used as one of its main constituent. The effect of Mace differs on humans. If the skin of attacker comes in contact with the spray he feels burning sensation. If it falls in the eyes the eyes gets close because of intense pain. The effect lasts from thirty to forty five minutes depending upon the immunity of the person. Generally the effect on druggers and drunkers is less intensed.

Mace spray comes in various shapes and styles. They are available in belt clips,

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 key rings and many more styles so that they are always near to Lost Mary you when you are walking, jogging and doing nothing. The spray needs to be tested after every ninety days. so that you become confident that they will work when you need them badly. You also need to check the expiry date for best results. This spray can be used in situations where you are in danger. It is suggested to report the local officials immediately if you have used the spray against an attacker. This will help the officials to trap the attacker. But if you use Mace spray for malicious tasks then it becomes a crime. Mace spray differs from Pepper spray in the respect that use of pepper spray generally effects the respiratory system while Mace spray effects the nervous system.

The spray form is generally of two types that are ‘fogger’ and ‘stream’ namely. The fogger form is more effective because it releases a fog of clouds in the form of tiny droplets and that is why there are more chances that attacker will encounter it. But there is a disadvantage also with this form. The foggy cloud can come on you also if wind is blowing. So there is a danger of hurting yourself also..So it is advised to run away from the spot as possible after the use of spray.This type of pepper spray is very easy to aim. The stream form of pepper spray is generally used during ride. It is bit difficult to aim at. But after a little practice you can use it easily.

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