Handcrafted Soap For Beginners – The Easy Melt and Pour Way!

Melt and pour soap making gets you started right away making your own natural handmade soap. The beauty of the melt and pour technique for soap making is that it doesn’t require special equipment, or take a lot of time to complete a soap making project. You can customize your melt and pour soaps any way that you like, just by adding your choice of essential oils for fragrance and colorant to create the shade of soap that you desire. You can even layer different colors of soap for a special effect, or add decorative elements such as glitter or seashells to your handcrafted soaps. Only your imagination is the limit for the creative melt and pour projects you can achieve.

Soap making with quality melt and pour soap bases is easy, convenient, and doesn’t require the use of caustic lye. A clear, glycerin-based melt and pour soap base is used most often because of its transparent properties, as well its ability to be easily tinted to your desired shade. Look for a quality melt & pour glycerin soap base by ensuring that you see the word “glycerin” is listed within the first two or three ingredients on the label. If you don’t see a label listing ingredients on a package of melt and pour soap base, avoid it, Whole Melt Extractsbecause you just won’t know what you’re getting at all. You might be getting another base altogether, just as coconut, which just doesn’t have the same beautiful translucent properties.

Melt and pour soap base is not the same thing as the glycerin soap you buy at the drugstore. Glycerin soap brands that, for instance, you purchase at your local drugstore, are designed specifically to not to melt easily. That being said, it’s not impossible to use ready-made glycerin soap for your melt and pour projects, but you may not get the results that you seek. Always purchase melt and pour soap base that is specifically designed for this project. You might pay a little bit more for it, but you’ll be far more pleased with the final results.

Melt and pour soap making is perfect for beginners! All you need to do is melt the soap base in a pot or in the microwave. Next, just add your favorite soap additives to the melted soap base. You can add ingredients such as botanical extracts, color, essential oils or fragrance to create your own customized, designer soaps. Mix the additives to the melted soap base, pour into a mold and you are finished making a beautiful, handcrafted soap for your own enjoyment, or for giving as a special gift.


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