I will get to the recipe in a bit but this recipe I have come up with is the best natural deodorant recipe I have found out there. There are many benefits to using natural deodorant over conventional deodorant. A primary concern with conventional deodorants is the use of aluminum (which is a potent neurotoxin) and the use of additives, dyes and chemicals. Aluminum is especially a concern for sensitive individuals such as those with multiple chemical sensitivity, autism and those with MTHFR (methylene tetra hydra folate reductase) mutations.

Some find that natural deodorants in fact work better then conventional deodorants, you can also customize the deodorant to your liking as well. Technically you can ingest all the ingredients as well, which can’t be said for a lot of deodorants. Essential oils are optional but they can offer versace deodorant stick a lot of variety and customization to your deodorant. Only a small amount of essential oil is needed, as little as a few drops may be required. Essential oils can add different fragrances to your deodorant. With enough experimentation you could even make men’s, women’s or unisex deodorant.

You can reuse old empty deodorant sticks or buy empty deodorant sticks online as well to put your natural deodorant in. For a double boiler you just need a pot or pan of water and a bowl to put the oil and ingredients in as they melt and mix together. I personally use a ceramic bowl over a pan and find it works well.

Although the original recipe I borrowed heavily from Wellness Mama uses arrowroot, I find tapioca starch, or corn starch can work as well. I have also switched out some baking soda for the starch, if necessary you can lessen the amount of baking soda further.

To start things off you will need a some things, as far as ingredients you will need:


  • coconut oil
  • shea butter
  • baking soda
  • arrowroot/tapioca/corn starch/flour
  • essential oils (optional)


As far as tools go you will need:


  • empty deodorant sticks
  • funnel
  • double boiler


This is the recipe for the best natural deodorant:

Items needed:


  • 3 T coconut oil
  • 1 T baking soda
  • 2 T shea butter
  • 4 T arrowroot/tapioca starch/cornstarch
  • essential oils (optional)


1. Melt shea butter and coconut oil in a double boiler and once melted mix thoroughly

2. Remove from heat and add in baking soda and arrowroot

3. Mix well

4. Add essential oils (a few drops should do) and mix well

5. Once mixed use a funnel to transfer to empty deodorant sticks (may require 1-2)

6. Fill up the deodorant sticks to almost full leaving a little space, leave them standing upright with a paper towel underneath just in case as they dry.

Tom’s of Maine makes a great natural deodorant but it is just as easy, and affordable to make your own at home. A very simple deodorant could be just applying a paste of baking soda mixed with cornstarch (or arrowroot/tapioca), but baking so