Be Quiet! Finding the Right Treatment for Your Tinnitus

you have tinnitus, or “ringing in the ears” it may feel like no one else in the world can really understand what you’re going through. But in fact, chronic noise in the ears affects 1 in 5 people according to From a mild buzzing to a loud constant roar, tinnitus can affect your life and health negatively in many ways. It can cause sleeping problems, memory problems, depression, anxiety and ongoing stress. Tinnitus is often thought of as a medical condition, but it’s actually a symptom that may be caused by any number of medical problems.

Risk factors for tinnitus include being Get Xanax Online male, Caucasian, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, long-term exposure to loud noises, being over 65 years old and having age-related hearing loss. Underlying causes of tinnitus include injury, Buy Xanax Online movement in the ear bones, TMJ disorders, acoustic neoroma, blood vessel disorders and Meniere’s disease.

Before discovering which tinnitus treatment will be most effective, your health care professional must first discover the cause. If you’re at risk and are experiencing hissing, ringing, whistling, clicking, roaring or buzzing in your ears for more than two weeks make an appointment with your physician.

Medical Treatments

After a physical examination and series of questions your doctor might suggest:

• Earwax removal
• Change in prescription medications

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