A Quick Look Into The Unique Features Of Different Nut Styles

Nuts are also one the family member of hardware and come in all shapes and sizes for different fastening applications. Almost all the application where there is a need of the bolt, the use of nuts is compulsory as they complement one another. However, to ensure the strong fastening that stays longer you have to be very careful while buying them. The fact is, there are several types of nuts out there that make it confusing for the buyer to choose an ideal option for a certain application.Lag Bolts

If the shape, design, type and other specifications of nut never met the bolt specifications, so, it affects the performance of the fastening. Moreover, the right choice also depends on its application area. A wrong selection increases your problems and ends up with the failure of the final product. Therefore, it is vital to clear out the doubts about its different types, so, you can make the ideal choice. For your better understanding, here is the list of some popular nut style and their unique features. Take a look to get the answer to your queries.

Hex Nut: Needless to say, the hex nut is the first name strikes the mind when it comes to its different types. As the name depicts hex, it has six sides in the shape of a hexagon. They can be designed in several options and it mainly comes in shorter design than any other conventional type. It is available in different material and coating options as per the need of the application.
Wing Nut: These are majorly used in all such applications where you have to open or closed them frequently. Its adaptable design helps you to open it by hand, therefore, it is used in almost all the temporary fastening and not ideal for the application where you need tight locking.
Cap Nut: If you look for a smooth finishing of any application, so, these are ideal to use. As they have smooth and luster surface that gives them a cleaner look. It also recognized by different names such as blind, crown hex or domed cap nut because it has a domed top that covers the thread and helps to give a fine finish to the application.
These are just some of the most popular nuts and their features, the list goes on. To get the right option for your application, you should always go to the reliable company that deals in all types of fasteners.


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