10 Steps For Buying Great Gifts

1. Don’t End Up Buying Something For Yourself

The biggest and most common gift buying blunder is buying something you want for yourself. We all have done this. Always remember that a gift is something that is given to somebody to provide THEM pleasure, enjoyment, delight, happiness. It requires a thought and effort.

Spend some time thinking about the gift. Consider who you 毛巾訂造  are gifting and what they are interested in. Consider what their desires are and what would please them. Think carefully about what they want but would not buy for themselves.

2. Ask

Ask one of their family members or one of their friends if they have mentioned anything that they would really like.

You can also just ask whoever you’re buying the gift for. If they say something specific, and it’s in your budget, then get it. If it’s too expensive, get them something entirely different. (i.e. – If she want expensive perfume’ outside of your budget then buying cheaper perfume is out. Buy her a pair of nice earrings or something.)

If they say ‘nothing’, they don’t mean ‘nothing’. If they say ‘anything’ they don’t mean ‘anything’.

3. Shop

Shop does not mean buy, shop means shop. It’s an activity that requires you to visit several stores and browses their available goods. Only after shopping will you be able to buy that perfect gift. This is not a problem if you are one of those people that really like shopping

If you don’t like shopping then stick to searching online gift shops. They make browsing easy and convenient.

4. Don’t Buy The First Thing You See.

Be proud of your gift. Don’t just buy something because it is in the bargain bin or because it was the most expensive item in the store. Put effort, care and consideration into the selection of the gift.

Look closely at everything that catches your eye. Check the prices and read the reviews. Narrow your list down until you have found the gift. Then buy it!

5. If You Buy Online, Have The Gift Mailed To You

Actually giving the gift is a big deal. If that is not possible then re-mail the gift and include a short letter. Be sure to carefully wrap it yourself.

And, if the item is not as expected YOU can send it back.

6. Gift Cards and Gift Baskets

In most cases you can’t go wrong with gift cards. (BUT NOT FOR YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER)

Gift Baskets make wonderful gifts for the person who has everything.

Amazon has great gift cards and gift baskets.

7. Always Include a Gift Card

Little things are important, especially to women. Remember, “You can give her a card without a gift, but never a gift without a card.” It’s the card that really personalizes it.

Best Practice – Don’t Buy the Card, MAKE THE CARD.

There are websites that let you make gift cards. Find one and use it. Be sure to write something personal in the card.

8. Always Keep a Bottle of Wine Ready

Keep a supply of appealing standard or generic gifts like wine or bath stuff like soaps and lotions, etc. These come in handy in an emergency and always make better gifts than what can be found at a quick-shop. And, if you don’t gift them, you have a bottle of wine.

9. Avoid Giving “Practical” Items That Others Will Make Use Of

A toaster may be given as a gift on Mother’s Day but a Columbia Women’s Sun Ridge Straw Hat would be a ‘true’ gift that would be more likely appreciated and cherished. Personal gifts are the best gifts.

10. Buy the Gift Well In Advance

Gift buying is hard enough – why make it harder by also running out of time?

Good – Mark all occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays) on a calendar. Put a large X on the date three weeks before the occasion.

Better – Add alarms to your computer or smart phone.

When an alarm goes off – start shopping.

Most Important Rule of All – Gifts for a Significant Other

Gift buying for your significant other has only one rule: Always Gift.

Gift on birthdays, gift on anniversaries, gift on special holidays.


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